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Media Accreditation Information

All media must apply for media accreditation through the ISU online media accreditation system on the International Skating Union (ISU) website ( under «Media Accreditation».

Only professional journalists, editors and photographers operating for editorial purpose, or producing an item containing informative content, will be accredited. Editorial use implies use by a media organization, including: agencies, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Internet, and/or an extension within an existing multimedia company (newspaper, magazine, TV, agency), as well as representatives from ISU Member federations acting as media for their press and communication activities. Informative content implies editing of original information.

The deadline to apply for media accreditation is October 15, 2017.

All media must provide the following documentation when applying for media accreditation and further information could be requested:

      1.Copy of current professional media or journalist card

      2.ID photo in .jpg.

      3.If not in possession of a professional media card, a comment must be added to the note box provided and a letter from your editor confirming your assignment must be uploaded to your application.

Accreditation will be granted to professional journalists and photographers only.

Writing Press (newspaper, magazine, internet, agencies and ISU Member Federations): maximum two professionals per organization

Photographer: maximum one professional per organization (agencies and major newspapers: maximum two professionals)

Television non-right holder: maximum three professionals per organization

Radio non-right holder: maximum one professional per organization

Freelancer: A freelance journalist or photographer is a full time professional editor or photographer, who is not employed by an agency or newspaper – a self-employed professional. A freelance editor or photographer must provide written evidence that he/she operates on behalf of a clearly identified media. A freelance editor or photographer operating under his/her own account will not be accepted.

The total number of accredited media representatives will be subject to space available. The Organizing Committee (OC) and ISU reserve the right to refuse accreditation should the number of applications exceed given space or if any requested information / documentation has not been provided in due time.

Rights holding TV and radio must also apply for accreditation via the ISU online media accreditation system. Access to the Right Holders area is restricted, therefore Right Holders are invited to contact the ISU Media Team in order to obtain a username and password. To book any broadcasting services or facilities please contact the host Broadcaster:

Ping Zhu                                                                                                 Chang Sun     

Email: Tel: +86 13910501281                                 Email:

Tel: +86 13910501281                                                                           Tel: +86 13911602926                      

Accreditation Confirmation

If the accreditation request is accepted, an automatic email of confirmation will be issued. You may be asked to present a copy of the email of confirmation to receive your accreditation badge.

You will also be notified if your accreditation request is denied. Please note that the ISU and OC reserve the right to refuse accreditation with or without justification.

Media Accommodation

The OC has designated one official media hotel. Shuttle transportation will be arranged from all the official media hotels to the main venue and the practice arena. Shuttle schedules will be provided on site. Please be advised that the transportation service will only be available for the designated official media hotels.

It is the responsibility of the individual media persons to book their own accommodation and to take on any cancellation fees.

Media Hotels

  • The official media hotel is Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing. The price for one room per day is in 900CNY-2000CNY range. For more details please access the following official website of the hotel.

      Contact information for Reservations: 

      Tel: 86-10-6849 1108

      Tel: 86-10-6849 1109

      Fax: 86-10-6849 1107

  • The exchange rate for today (Sep 5 2017) is:



Transportation & Telecommunications


  • For city transportation information. Please access the official website of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development:

  • Shuttle transportation will be arranged from all the official media hotels to the main venue and the practice arena. Shuttle schedules will be provided on site.

Visa Application

Media representatives are required an official invitation letter in order to apply for a visa. To receive one, media representatives must contact the Organizing Committee. Please note that an official invitation letter will only be provided to the approved media representatives.

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