Germany's famous poet Goethe said that figure skating is the "poetry of sports."

Figure skating is a collection of elegant dancing and athletic ability combined to make a highly ornamental sport. The beautiful dancing and stunning skills of the skaters with moving music and high-speed skating provide a colorful show for the audience to enjoy.

Figure skating has a long history. It originated in 18th century Britain, and quickly developed one after another in France, the United States, Canada, Russia and other European and American countries, and swept the world with its unique charm.

The World Figure Skating Grand Prix is a series of skating events organized by the International Skating Union, the world's highest level of competition on ice. The Grand Prix consists of men's singles, women's singles, doubles skating, and ice dance, four events of competition.

Every year, the Grand Prix is held at 6 stations, spread across 6 countries that help develop and promote figure skating: France, Russia, China, Japan, the United States, and Canada, after these 6 stations, the finals will be held.

The athletes participating in the Grand Prix are all of the highest level in the world, among them are the top six athletes from last year's world championships who draw lots to decide two stations to compete in. The other athletes are selected from the top 20 athletes from last year’s world championships and the hosting country's outstanding athletes. The Grand Prix’s top six calculated by their best results from two stations will participate in the finals.

In 2017 the world's top figure skaters gather once again in Beijing, graceful music sets off skating that floats like a cloud and flows like water, passionate jumps and graceful rotation side by side, intoxicating performance leading people into a dreamlike state ... ... 2017 Audi Cup of China World Figure Skating Grand Prix will offer a wonderful, fantastic ice feast.

In this beautiful late autumn season, let us get in the mood, and enjoy the happiness figure skating brings us to our hearts’ content!

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