Capital Gymnasium total construction area of 40,000 square meters, 122 meters from east to west, north-south width of 107 meters, 28 meters high, the roof span of 99 meters, building layout by function layered arrangement, in addition to competition hall, there are six spectators lounge. Game hall with 17,127 seats for spectators, entrance hall equipped with 13 spectators, viewers can complete evacuation within 5 minutes. One for the athletes, referees, staff and guests houses. Museum has a large screen, radio, stereo, television, fax, timing meter grading equipment. Venue length 88 m, width 40 m by 21 electronically controlled raised floor components. Floor below is the skating rink, ice all year round. Can be skating, table tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, tennis and many other sports. With the deepening of reform and opening up the development of domestic and international cultural and sports exchanges is gradually increasing, it is preferred theatrical performances at home and abroad place.